Thursday, February 28, 2008

I love tax time! I know many people do not agree with my sentiments but being married, not making a whole lot of money, and having two kids one of which goes to daycare, all adds up to a pleasant tax time. Every January I anxiously await my W2's and then I bug the crud out of hubby until he does our taxes. This year we were even more blessed than usual as we both made more and were put in a higher tax bracket, which meant more deductions!!! Woohoo!! We usually cap out for deductions, but now we could get even more back. I know, I know, we should raise our deductions so the government is not holding our money all year and we aren't making interest and honestly, I really have increased mine, but I really like a big refund. Anywho, the reason for saying all that is to say...

I bought our plane tickets today for SAN DIEGO!!! I am tickled pink since that is where I was born and have always wanted to visit. Every year we use our tax money for a vacation over spring break. Since my husband works in a very seasonal job involving boating, we can't get away in the summer so instead we plan one big vacation over my spring break. We got a pretty good deal on airline tickets and will be spending this spring break in sunny California. We are planning on the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Legoland and may head up to Anaheim to go to Disneyland for a day. I cannot wait! This really makes the light at the end of my Board's tunnel much brighter.

Anybody out there live around or ever been to San Diego? I'm looking for any good tips you may have. We don't have a hotel yet or any places to eat so spread the knowledge!!!


  1. first - we love tax time, too. last year, husband never got his raise and i started a business, so our refund this year was AWESOME! hee hee

    second - we went to san diego in the fall and had a blast!! we stayed at the hilton in the gaslamp district downtown, where we could walk to everything. (company was paying for that!) be sure to visit old town san diego, which was really neat, and eat at fred's mexican. its supposedly been voted best mexican in san diego. i know its called 'fred's' - i was very wary - but it was awesome!!

  2. I am proud to say that I have learned how to do them and officially took over our taxes three years ago. Being a SAHM with a couple of kids, we also look forward to a nice return each year and if I wait for hubby, it would be April before it got here!

  3. HEY girlfriend!! Just checking in on ya...think you have "ENOUGH" going on there??!! Merciful heavens! I am rooting for you with your Boards, I know you will do well even with puking kids! :D

    We like the tax return too only this year it wasn't as big since our stocks were sold and the $ sent to us...groan. Anyways, we just bought tickets to FLORIDA!!! We are soo siked and are planning a visit to Disneyland for the first time!! Any tips on which park to go to with the kids?

    Must tell you, Chloe STILL talks about Zoe and Dylan and wants to visit again this summer! Maybe we could set something up??

    Love to you!! xoxox


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