Thursday, January 10, 2008

They Were Fake After All

Last Wednesday it was confession time as I admitted this. However, Saturday (my WW weigh in day) reassured me that all was not loss, or in this case, gained. At weigh in I was 144 so that meant I was down 3.5 pounds from New Years Day. Do I think that I magically loss those pounds in three days?...NO WAY! I also had not believed that I really did, in fact, gain so much Christmas pounds. If Weight Watchers has taught me anything this past year, it is that certain foods react certain ways with your body. I expected that once I began drinking my water and counting points again a big chunk would melt away, but of course I was THRILLED when the scale proved my point.

So now for the update on this week...I have counted the points (some of them I wish I didn't have too), drank the water, and have walked all but one night. Unfortunately though, I have had an incredible urge for munchies all week. Because of this I have wasted many points on frivolous food such as cookies, candy, peanut butter crackers, and other things that were just there. The good thing was that I have been within my points (yes, I did use flex points) and still have 8 left for tomorrow, the bad thing is that since I ate junk my body could react in a negative "weigh" on Saturday. We shall see!

However, here is this week's report...

WEEK 50 / -3.5 / -41 lb.
GOAL: Eat fruits and vegetables!! Plan ahead and take a few healthy choices to work so I won't be tempted to grab whatever is near.


  1. Woot! You ROCK, woman! Hey, did you read on my blog that dark chocolate is a belly-fat-burning food? Life is good. ;-)
    Path to Health

  2. Mel,
    I just have to say that you TOTALLY ROCK!!! You look fantastic...what a hottie and you are so inspiring to me. Really, seriously...can you come here and kick MY butt?! :) You GO GIRL...keep on going and thanks for being so real on here. Question...can you tell me more about WW? How does it work and what do you do on a typical day for cooking/eating?

    LOVE YOU! Kari


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