Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our First Christmas

When you get married one of the big decisions that you have to agree, or at least compromise, on is where to spend the holidays and how to fit in everybody. Dave and I spent a couple Christmas' traveling to both parents house, but since we had kids we have agreed that Christmas morning will always be spent at our house. At least until some of the magic fizzes out! This year we went to my parents on the Sunday before Christmas and the great thing was that my brother and sis in law made it (this was this first year of the holiday house issues) so it was the whole family together. There is just something about being home for Christmas. After the holiday rush and trying to get it all together it was nice to go home to mom's dinner and just relax with my family. It was great for Dyl and Zoe too because they got to open the first round of Christmas and then enjoy their gifts.
This is mom and dad's tree...ok, mom's tree as my dad has nothing to do with picking up and decorating the tree!

From Uncle Andrew of course...
This was Dyl's big present and it was BIG...it took up pretty much the whole kitchen and watch out when those cars come bursting out of the dinosaurs mouth. Of course Dyl loved it and it is a much played with Christmas gift!

Holiday Barbie...Zoe received it from Uncle Dan and Aunt Lizann and after she opened it she looked at both of them and exclaimed "I always wanted this"!

Tea Time Bell was all the rage...even my Dad and brothers were intrigued. Of course tea parties were taking place all day.

Grandma surprised Zoe with a beautiful necklace that had a tiara charm on a white ribbon. Zoe loved it!!

Mom and Dad loved their canvas portrait of the whole family.

Every year I try to have the kids make something to give and this year we decided to make ornaments. Dylan and Dave put sand in clear balls and then added some small shells. We put a shiny ribbon and voila.
So our first Christmas was absolutely wonderful and set the pace for more merry times to come.

How do you all split up visiting both sides of your families?


  1. My husband's parents live overseas, so we have it easy when it comes to holidays. We're with my family, unless they happen to be in the country. Then they get us for the holidays!

    Cute pictures!!!

  2. Unfortunately this is always a bone of contention for Michael and I. His family is in GA and mine here in MD. Since we only see his family 2 times a year, we have gone to GA for as long as I can remember. We have a 2nd christmas with my family the weekend after New Years - which can have it's perks. But I sure miss having Christmas with my family. As Abe gets older I think we'll be at home for Christmas Day.


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