Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not Again!

I'm back to the old 1/2 pound loss again. Although after the end of last week I will count my blessings because I really didn't think I would loose anything. I just have the urge to snack so much lately and I can't really figure it out. I am hoping that it may just be due to that special time, but I have to admit I have had the desire to snack for more than just last week. It seems ever since I went back to counting the points I have felt the need to munch. After Christmas, I was hoping that I could go right back to counting again and maybe even see that nice big loss like you see when you begin a new diet. However, that was not to be. I still have 2.5 pounds left from Christmas and honestly I am a bit nervous about this Saturday's weigh in.

Last week my goal was to add some veggies and fruit to my lunch. While I did great having at least one fruit in my bag, I still lacked on veggies. I did eat some veggie soup at school for one serving, but I would like to keep adding some more. Maybe I should just take veggies and fruits and eat all day rather than a lunch? Hmmm...

So now it is time to get serious. These last 12.5 pounds are going to come off!!! I WILL stay within my 20 points and earn those extra activity points this week. I WILL get over this 1/2 pound hump. I have came too far to just settle where I am. I can comfortably where that size 8, but I want the size 6 and I'm not going to stop until I get there. New summer wardrobe here I come!!

So back me up here and leave me some good comments. Also, to all my fellow WW friends if you have any low point snack ideas I would love to hear them. I always rely on Roni to give me some good stuff, but it would be great to hear how you all stay OP. So give me everything you have!!

WEEK 52 / -.5 / -42.5
GOAL: Stop the munching!!


  1. Not really a "snack" but I have been eating a 1/2 can of Progresso fat free soup each afternoon for 0 points. Its hot and filing- but 0 points. You just have to make sure you only eat 1/2 the can at one time- not the whole can, which is 2 points.

    Also- I love kisses each afternoon- they are 2 for 1 point.

    I also eat those fat free Lay's potato chips made with Olestra (is that the right name?) One bag (little single serve bag) is 1 point.

  2. I'm confused. How can that soup be 0 points for half the can and 2 points for the whole can? Why isn't the 1/2 can 1 point?
    Anyway, hand in there! Bet you'll get rid of those extra pounds in no time. I'm having snack attacks, too!
    Path to Health

  3. its the munching that always gets me too!!! my worst habit... especially at night.

    try to munch on veggies!

  4. Gum, gum, glorious chewing gum. My guard against the munchies. Hang in CAN/WILL do this!



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