Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little Person

No, I'm not trying to be politically correct! I just had to share something really exciting that happened to me yesterday. As you all know I had my hair cut and as you do when you are at the hair salon, you begin to chat. Well I was telling Kyla about how I am heading off to Florida on Saturday (yes, only 1 more day to go!) and that I was considering a spray on tan. Of course this led us to the conversation about bathing suits...something nobody wants to talk about in February when we are pale as ghosts and still holding on to those last couple holiday pounds. Anyways, she actually said "Of course you don't have anything to worry about bathing suit shopping since you are such a little person". Me...a little person? I have never been called little my entire life. She had no clue that just a year ago I was forty-some pounds heavier. What a great inspiration to get these last 12 pounds off!

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