Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bring on the Flip Flops

I am off to my first teaching conference in sunny Orlando, Florida...yes that would be in Mickey Mouse land. I leave on the 2nd and come back on the 5th. You bet that I will be getting a pedi next week and bringing out the flip flops and sandals.

The conference is put on by Renaissance Place a company that uses technology for reading and math programs. My class earned a special award through a reading program called Accelerated Reading where students read books on their independent level and then take comprehension questions about the book. We received the "Model Classroom" award for having a 90% class average with only 2 students below 90% and all the students met their point goal. I know many states participate in this so if you have kids you may be familiar with the term. I think the program is wonderful because students learn how to set their own reading goals, can become better readers from where they are rather than where everybody else is, and have the opportunity to succeed at reading. The conference is dedicated to helping teachers use their programs even more effectively in the classroom to increase student learning. By attending the conference I can also be considered for a "Master Classroom", which would be awesome.

But enough about that, onto the fun stuff...FLORIDA! The great thing is that I am going with two friends so that will make it even better. We attend the conference during the day, but the evening is fair play. We already have some fun planned, including an evening at Universal (shhhh, don't tell Dave because he hasn't been and really wants to). There has even been talk about Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney. I can't wait!!

With that being said though, I am quite nervous about leaving hubby and the kids here. Now I am very blessed that my husband is a hands on kind of guy so I'm not nervous with the day to day things. Matter-of-fact I think Saturday and Sunday will be great fun for them because Daddy always finds fun stuff to do. I am nervous about the whole balancing act on Monday and Tuesday of getting Dyl to school, Zoe to daycare, going to work, picking them up, and doing it again another day. Plus adding in homework, matching outfits, and dealing with Zoe who is very much a mama's girl these days. I have confidence that it will all be okay though. I will miss them tons...well when I am not getting books autographed, soaking in Florida soon, shopping, going out to dinner, or hanging out with my friends!! No, really it will be a long few days without them and I am sure there will be many phone calls.

However, Florida...HERE I COME, flip flops and all!!


  1. Now, if there is anytime for a conference in sunny Florida, this is it. Have a blast!

  2. Ok, I'm TRULY jealous now!!! :)

  3. Congrats on the conference. I found your blog thru BooMama's. :o)
    I live outside of Orlando and it's been a bit chilly here, at least for us. LOL Hopefully you'll have nice weather and can wear flip flops. :o)

  4. How exciting!! I hope you have a great time in sunny Florida!


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