Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Decorating the tree

I have been so busy plugging away at my list that I just realized I posted about our Christmas tree search, but never shared the finished product. Usually we get the tree home and put it right up, but this year we were a bit slower. My job is always decorating the tree, but thankfully I have a couple helpers and Dave does put the topper on. My favorite thing about our tree is that all the ornaments are unique. Every year since I have been born I have received an ornament from my grandmother and Dave's family does the same thing. So between us we have quite a few ornaments! This is a tradition we have also passed on to our kids so they usually get an ornament from each set of grandparents and Dave and I so they have a little collection going to. I greatly enjoy pulling the ornaments out each year and thinking about all the good memories. So without further ado...OUR TREE!



Ta Da.


  1. Such a beautiful tree! I love seeing the kids up on hubby's shoulders. It reminds me of when I was little.

  2. cuuuuute! i love seeing zoe's hair.

  3. I love that you let your kids help. And it looks BEAUTIFUL!


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