Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Weight Thing

Due to my little bloggy break I realized that I have not talked about the weight thing in the past couple of weeks. I'm very excited to say that after my last post, I did pull it together and I lost the 2 pounds gained the following week. On Thanksgiving morning, I actually weighed in at my lowest yet, 142. Of course the day after Thanksgiving I was back at 143, which was okay! I was pretty pleased with myself on my menu choices for Thanksgiving. Now the cherry pie that I finished on the following days, not my brightest moments! The great thing is that on Friday and Saturday I walked around a lot trying to get some Black Friday sales so that helped and on my official weigh in I was back to 142...yeah!

As far as this week, I'm doing really well although it could be accounted for the fact that I am extremely limited on what I can eat due to having my wisdom teeth removed. I think on Monday I ate a total of 15 points, if that. I did eat a bit more yesterday since there were a bit more choices since I can now start on warm, soft foods. At the same time though I realize that I need to at least eat all my daily points or my body seems to quickly go into starvation mode, which interprets into my scale not being nice. My water intake has also been very limited, which I am going to work on today. I just haven't felt like putting too much in my mouth, but I know that my body really responds to water so I am pushing to get all my glasses in. I also have not felt the best with my teeth so I haven't moved around hardly at all, instead my butt has been sitting on the couch. I'm hoping to get some cleaning and laundry done today so hopefully that will also help.

I would absolutely love to be in the 130's before Christmas...what a great present to myself! My BIG goal is to be at my goal weight (130 lb.) before my one year anniversary with Weight Watchers, which is in late January. I know I can do it!! My plan for the rest of this week includes getting in my water, making sure to eat at least my daily points, and to get moving!!

So how was your Thanksgiving? How is this week going so far?
WEEK 44 / -3 / -43lb


Go ahead...tell me like it is!

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