Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Webkinz Anybody?

For Zoe's birthday my mom got her a Webkinz black cat that was so soft and furry and instantly Zoe's best friend. For those of you who are new to webkinz they are the next step up from the beanie baby's. Webkinz have little tags attached to them that hold a secret code so that you can adopt the animals on the Internet. Then you can go online and build your pet a house, feed him, play with him, and have a lot of fun. Well somehow the tag and cat got separated and while the cat is still around that little paper tag, well not so much. I am not giving up hope though and when I tackle the playroom I am hopeful that it shall be uncovered. Anyways, Dylan wanted a Webkinz too so the other day they were so good in Hallmark (you know the place where everything is breakable and expensive, where there are rows of paper cards screaming to be mixed up, and Christmas decorations that sing and dance, and are placed in the midst of the breakables) that I decided to treat them to new Webkinz. Dyl picked out a tree frog and Zoe a Chihuahua with little pink ears. As soon as we got home we logged on for each of the them and began our adventure. An adventure that has now become an addiction, and no not to Dyl and Zoe, but to mommy and daddy, okay a lot more mommy than daddy, but he is hooked too!! There are these little mindless arcade games that are frustratingly difficult so being the competitive people we are just have to play until we win. Which would be why we are still playing, because we are NOT winning. I shall prevail though!!

So how about you or your kids? Have you heard of Webkinz? Do your kids play with them? Have you ever checked them out? You may want to bypass looking too closely though or maybe I just need to get a life. You can find me at Webkinz Anonymous starting right after I beat a couple of these games!!

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