Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lookin' Great

So I was so excited about getting my Five Point Friday off the ground and running that I completely forgot to post about how I've been doing lately. This week is the first weigh in over at Tales from the Scales for the Look Great in 2008 Challenge! Welcome if you are a newbie to the challenge and coming by to see how I've been doing. I hope throughout this time you will find some helpful tips, be encouraged, and know that you have somebody going through exactly what you are going through! And for all you veteran people it is so nice to see you again for this challenge and I can't wait to keep going from where we left off.
I have to say that I am so excited that a new challenge is on because with the last one going over the summer it just didn't quite work out as I would have liked it to. Since this one is taking place while I am in school, hence packing lunches and planning dinners, I feel that the timing will lend itself to better success. Okay so now onto my progress...

I weigh in on Saturdays because that is the day I chose for Weight Watchers and as of this past Saturday I was down 1.5 pounds...HOORAH! I had relatively good days with my food points, but exercising was a really weak area for me. The past week has been so busy with meetings, after school activities, and other chaos that I just didn't have the energy to jump on the treadmill. I'm hoping this next week will go better exercise wise. My goal was to be under 145 by the end of September in order to be on track for my big goal of 130's before my trip to NY on November 3. So it looks like I will need to lose 7.5 pounds in 4 weeks which is doable especially if I get on that treadmill again!

So how was your week?

WEEK 36 / -1.5 / -37
Goal: Use my new running shoes and become a running fool on the treadmill as I enjoy all my favorite shoes coming back on!! Eat my 5 a day!!


  1. Woot! Good for you! :-) Thanks for visiting me, too!
    Path to Health

  2. well done on the loss, a regular schedule should definitely help keep you on track! Ooh, New York, sounds amazing. I have a trip to Bangkok for christmas/new year time so I'm trying to keep on track for then :)

  3. WooHoo! That's awesome! I'm right with you on the exercise. Once I get started I do's just hard to get going sometimes! And yes, I think being back at school helps not as much leisure time to fill with food! :) Have a great week!


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