Saturday, September 22, 2007

and These Are the Days of My Life

During the summer since I am off I don't really ever register the kids for camps because we are always heading to the beach, going on day trips, or I just want to chill (Yes, I am a selfish person when it comes to my summer). However, when it comes to the fall things our schedule inevitably begins to fill up. Right now Zoe is busy doing this...

She heads to gymnastics/dance with daddy on Tuesday mornings and then to ballet/tap lessons on Wednesday night with me.

Then our Saturday mornings are filled with this...

Today was our second week and Dylan is rocking the soccer field! I am so proud to see how aggressive he is being (not mean at all, just not afraid to go take the ball) and he has been running his little tush off during practice and the games. I really love being a soccer mom!! You can bet those people on the farthest field can hear me cheering. So far we won the first game 11-3 and today 5-0 with Dyl scoring one goal at each game. Okay enough bragging...for today anyhow!


  1. Soccer runs in the family. All three boys are playing. It's FUN!!!

  2. Looks like they enjoy their fall activities. We don't do much in the way of scheduled things in the summer either.

  3. awww, ballerinas are so cuttteeee

  4. Looks like fun times and good memories for the kids.


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