Monday, August 20, 2007

We now return to our normal programming already in progress

Friday I went back to work for the first day. I actually got a lot accomplished thanks to the help of my student teacher, but didn't feel that I was really back since I scooted out early to head over to Baltimore for my brother's wedding. (The wedding was beautiful and pictures will be coming soon). Today, however, I was back to school for real and boy did it feel like it. The day began with out district breakfast, then work in the room, then a reading inservice, and more work in the room. I feel pretty good starting this year and things are coming together nicely. Of course I do still need to actually what the kids are going to learn, but my room is looking great. Setting up my room is one of my favorite things to do because I get to organize and decorate. Honestly, in how many professions do you get to feel that you are starting everything fresh?! I get to do it every 10 months!

Not only was it nice to start getting things ready for the new school year, it was nice getting back to tracking my food. My daily points allowed through Weight Watchers is 21 and I am happy to report that I only used 24. I really thought it would be higher as I consciously counted the points. I also walked on my treadmill today with an incline so I earned a couple activity points too! However, I didn't do too hot with meeting my daily goals of water, fruits/veggies, or even the multivitamin (I forgot it this morning). The only areas I met were milk and exercise so meeting the other goals will be on my to do list for tomorrow. I can't wait to weigh in on Saturday and am hoping to see some awesome results.

Oh and I know I promised no more potty talk, but I have to share that today was Zoe's first day back to daycare and she remained dry all day. I was a little concerned with all the changes that she may take some steps backward so I was thrilled to see she was still in her panties this afternoon. YEAH!!

I hope your week has started off well too! My goal is to keep blogging at least every other day during this transition time, but pardon me if I go MIA at times. I will still be popping in to visit my bloggy friends and will be back in action as soon as things get going here. Have a super week!


  1. I can't wait until I can start decorating classrooms...

  2. so when do the kids actually start? i go back tomorrow and the kids next monday. part of me is ready for the routine again but the other part wants summer to last forever!
    I can totally identify with the joy of decorating and setting up your room. If I could make a job of it I would! I too have a student teacher and plan on having her do lots too!
    good luck on a smooth beginning to the new year!


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