Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That Time Again

So I guess I have to report on this week's weigh in. Saturday is usually when I weigh in because that is the day I chose when I began Weight Watchers and according to the scales then I lost 1lb. Now before you get happy for me, remember that I was not feeling well on Friday and spent most of the day in my bathroom so I have to confess that is probably why I had the loss. Now another confession is that I do weigh myself daily and according to the scale today I have gained back that pound plus another one. I'm okay with this though because this is my last week of summer vacation and I deserve the gain considering I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast two days, beach fries one day, a McDonald's happy meal one day, and a couple ice cream I need to mention what time of the month it is?? So needless to say I am not at all surprised with my scale, but am confident that I will like the results much more next Saturday after a week of packed lunches and snacks.


  1. Nothing like starting back to work to snap you out of that relaxing summer mode, huh?!

    You've got a neat blog!

  2. Hey 1lb is still 1lb, thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. The last week of summer vacation you are entitled to eat whatever you want!! No worries. I always find that once I'm back on a "school schedule" it's easier to stick to an eating schedule (and a bathroom schedule, now that i think of it). You've got a really pretty blog!


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