Thursday, August 30, 2007


I know, I know it is supposed to be TGIF, but today was our last day of the school week since we have a four day Labor Day for this week it is truly TGIT! I am thoroughly exhausted and ready for a break. Crazy, I know, since I have only been back to work for less than two weeks, but once you hear about this week maybe you can start playing that "world's smallest violin" for me or offering "some cheese to go with my whine".

To begin with, we have been having nothing but trouble with Dylan's bussing this year and I swear I have talked to the school every single day trying to get things straight. Finally after many discussions it came down to me having to leave my house by 6 am to get him to daycare in time for the bus to pick him up or he wouldn't have a ride. If by chance we actually do make the bus, Dylan must then sit on the bus for an hour and 15 minutes before getting to school. Uh, I don't think so! Yesterday I finally solved the problem, thanks to my oh so special and wonderful friend Holly, who works at Dylan's school...she is going to take him every morning with her so then he will only be 15 minutes early. How anybody could expect a 1st grader to sit on a bus for over an hour QUIETLY and then proceed to school where they are expected to sit and listen for another 5 hours is beyond me!

Then while trying to get my 21 angels into our learning routine and things flowing I suddenly come down with one heck of cold! I swear I have used enough tissues the past two days that I could make a nice comfy mattress out of them...full of germs of course, but a mattress none the less! My throat is ticklish, my nose is running, my eyes are scratching, and my head is pounding. How I love going back to school to pick up my cold at the beginning of every year...I wonder if maybe next year I could refuse the delivery!!

So while all this has been happening I have also had one meeting after school requiring babysitting arrangements (thank God for in-laws), Dylan had a doctor's appointment, Zoe had her open house at the dance studio, and I had to clean for the cleaning ladies. Did I mention that Dylan has a little buddy over for a sleepover tonight?! Yep, just a little bit exhausted here.

It is all good though...because TGIT and I have a four day weekend!!! Did somebody say the beach cause I heard that sun, sand, and ocean is a sure way to get rid of a cold!!


  1. how in the world do you manage a FOUR day weekend?? we only have a THREE day weekend.. i swear, i work in the WRONG STATE! that sucks. grr...
    so sorry about the bus issues. glad you got them worked out. i usually have day care issues. but most work themselves out in the end.
    have a great weekend!

  2. cleaning for your cleaning lady? Why do people do that? My mom used to do that too -- when we had a cleaning lady growing up! Unfortunately, I am not financially blessed enough to get a cleaning lady -- but, it's on my 'wish list'

  3. BEACH! Now go! :) Or are you gone?


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