Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Now I lay me down to sleep is the end of the day. So much has been happening this week...

Monday, the kids and I spent the entire day at the beach since I thought it would be the last time we would make it on our summer vacation. We went straight from the beach to swimming lessons and came home exhausted. I had only enough energy to make and eat dinner before we all crashed in bed.

Yesterday, the day began with a PTO meeting at 8:30 am, then went straight into another meeting where I met my student teacher, and then I drove two hours to my parents house. We have been trying to sell our car and since my brother totaled theirs they thought maybe they would just buy our car. So we drove over to drop off the car to let them try it out for a few days and also to pick up Dave's tuxedo and make sure it fit. I am glad that we went because the sleeves on the tux were way to long, so now there is enough time to get them fixed before the wedding on Saturday. We had a great day hanging out at my parents. The kids got to go swimming in the community pool with Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Dan and then we all had a nice dinner. It was neat sitting down to dinner with the "new", dad, me, Dave, our kids, my brother Dan, his soon to be wife Lizann, and my other lil brother Andrew. When we are all together there is never a dull moment as there always seems to be something happening, usually including a lot of teasing. We got home around 9:30 last night and by then just had to move sleeping kids from the car to their beds.

Today I had planned to go do some work in my classroom and then maybe take the kids to the cheap water park, but then changed my mind. Instead, we stayed home to clean and catch up on laundry so things will be somewhat together before we leave for the wedding considering when we come back it will be back to school. Tomorrow the kids and I are heading back to my parents to see my grandparents who came in town for the wedding and pick up Dave's altered tux. The kids are going to try to stay for the night, but I will have to drive back tomorrow night since Friday is my first day back to work. I am planning on leaving school a little early though so Dave and I will head over Friday afternoon for the wedding weekend. Boy, I am exhausted just writing what I am doing!! I can't believe my little brother is getting married in two days...even more incredible I can't believe he found such a super person to actually marry him at all ;-) (Love you little bro)!


  1. I'm going in to school Friday. Getting stir crazy at home. Love being with Abe but I'm ready for the schedule and structure of school again! I'm sick... I know!

  2. So since I have to be a student teacher at some point, do you like them? Are they helpful? What tips can you give me on being a good student teacher?


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