Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hershey Park HAPPY!!!

Since my summer vacation is coming to a close we decided to sneak away to Pennsylvania for a mini family vacation. My in-laws were awesome and let us borrow their brand new RV so we could go camping. I know, I know, not the most primitive way of camping, but for my kids, who don't really experience much of the great outdoors, besides the beach, it was perfect. The RV was a huge hit...

We spent one day in Hershey Park, chocolate capital of the US. Dylan got on his first big roller coaster and Zoe got on her first one too. By the end of the day though everybody was ready to head back to the campground, loaded with their goodies of course.

That evening we lit a fire, made smores, and told scary stories...could life get any better?

The campground where we stayed had a creek and we were lucky enough to get a site right on it. So the next morning Dave and the kiddos put on their Crocs and went crayfish hunting...

One of my favorite things about Dave is his readiness to just go and have fun. We have always been the type to just go and the great thing is that we didn't change when we had kids. I think that is why Dylan and Zoe are so easy when it comes to traveling. They are just like mom and dad...just waiting for the next adventure!!


  1. That's so cool! We also got a Wii for our anniversary present!! Happy Playing!!!

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  2. I keep trying to convince Ray to rent an RV...

  3. wow! going camping in a rv sounds like it was fun!

    I am thinking about taking my family camping soon.


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