Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To move or not to move??

That is definitely the question that has been weighing on my mind lately. Right now I drive 45 minutes to and from work and while the drive hasn't been bad the past 4 years, this last year was the first year that I took the kids with me and let's just say it got old really fast. Since this was Dylan's first year in school I wanted him to be in the same district where I taught because 1) I love the district, 2) I wanted us to have the same school schedule (my district is the first to go back and get out), and 3) I wanted to be able to have him dropped off at my school so I could play mommy and get him off the bus and we could have a few minutes together before picking up sister. So I found a home daycare up there for him and Zoe to attend that was only 5 minutes from my school. I thought it would be a great time for me to connect to the kiddos and stay in tune with them, but after a bit I was the one crying to watch a movie (thank goodness for the DVD in my Tahoe). It wasn't too bad I suppose especially once I blocked from my memory the trips that were full of crying, fighting, screaming, picking, and all those other great memories. The ride did become tedious however, and lately we have been tossing around the idea of moving closer to my work more and more. If we decided to move closer we could have a slightly bigger house, be closer to my work, have a back yard that could maybe one day have a pool in it (one of my dreams), be closer to my work, have a bigger yard for the kids and dog, be closer to my work, Dylan could be closer to his school friends and be able to participate in more activities around there, and did I mention that we would be closer to my work??!! Now the things we would have to give up...living less than 5 minutes from the beach and moving away from the best neighbors anybody could ever ask for!! The area we are looking at is not that far away from the beach, probably about 15 minutes which I guess wouldn't be that bad considering we could maybe have that pool in the backyard too. It is not in as much a resort area and actually feels like we would be living in the country as the area is full of corn fields. My neighbor, the awesome one above, is a realtor and has been helping us find some new communities in the area (she is not happy about it though). The other day she brought over a brochure that had an 18 home community with 3 models of homes that met all of our requirements, 4 bedrooms, basement, garage, fireplace, 3/4 acre, etc. One of my biggest wants was the master bedroom upstairs along with the laundry room and so far out of the many new homes Debbie has found for us, this has been the only one that has this. It is also in the lower price range that we had in mind making that pool look more and more achievable. Soooooo....now we are thinking even more about it. On the flip side, as Debbie so often reminds us, we could just stay put and I could apply for a teaching position locally. I do feel selfish in that my job would be a huge reason that we would move. It is just that I am very comfortable where I am and have built a reputation for myself that has allowed me to take on some great leadership positions. Also after I teach for 5 years I can apply for a loan forgiveness through the state since I teach in a low income school and the district where I am now is relatively small so I feel that it would be easy to have the director of personnel complete the paperwork for me so I could pay off my loan. It is so tough growing up and making these hard decisions! Anyways this has just been weighing on my mind so I thought maybe posting about it would give me an out to all of these thoughts. If you have any thoughts on the subject feel free to leave a comment. Keep us in your prayers as we muddle our way through all this stuff!


  1. You are tackling the same questions my husband and I wrestled with recently. We are going to miss our mountain cabin, the beautiful wilderness, the streams and rivers, the horses down the road, the miles and miles of beautiful land and mountains. But the reality is that with our boys special needs and all their doctor and therapists appointments, DH driving one hour one way to work, etc...the move back to the city wins. And actually, we are all excited about our new adventure.

    Good luck with your decision. Love your blog design.

  2. Wow. That is a huge decision. No advice here...

    But I will say a prayer. :)

  3. That is a very big decision! It sounds like a move might work for you, a long drive like that takes it's toll (especially with the gas prices these days). I wish you luck with whatever you decide and you will be in my prayers!

  4. I say do it! I can't imagine a drive like that to work. My school is 10 min from home. And to have a house in the "country" I'm jealous! we are in a stinking apartment still... one day a house will be in our future.

  5. But is there a place for Dylan and Zoe to take surfing lessons? You know, like Surf Sessions in Fenwick. Your realtor, Debbie

  6. Thank you all for your comments! Melody it was nice hearing from you because I know that you all just had a big move. Deb, I think I can drive the kids to Dewey for lessons and to visit you and Steve of course :-) or you could just move with us!! Erinn, so jealous of a 10 minute commute!


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