Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's my 100th post!!

I can't belief this is my 100th post! I have really enjoyed getting my blog up and going and meeting all of you out there in blogtopia. Since I already did the 100 things about me list I racked my brain with what I could do to make my 100th post special. My birthday is coming up and I will be the dreaded 29...you know the last year before you begin the first year of the rest of your life. I am actually really looking forward to my 30's because it is the time when you know who you are and can just begin enjoying life. With that in mind I decided to post 50 things that I am thankful I have expeirenced in my first 29 years and 50 things that I hope to experience in coming years. So without further ado...

The FIRST 30 Years
51 things I am glad to have experienced

1. Camping trips with my family growing up
2. Becoming a child of God when I was 7
3. Going to Seattle
4. Skiing in Canada
5. Completing my undergrad after getting married and having a baby
6. Completing my master’s when I was married and had 2 kids, plus working full time
7. Reaching my goal of becoming a teacher
8. Buying my first car ($1500) with money I had saved from working…it even had a CD player
9. Staying up all night with my girlfriends giggling and listening to my dad say how he was going to separate us if we didn’t be quiet
10. Riding my dad’s motorcycle around our yard
11. Sitting in the hospital for HOURS waiting for my new little brother to be born while my other brother drove me crazy
12. Fighting with my brother and hitting him in the nose with a broom making it bleed. I thought for sure I had broken his nose and threatened his life if he told my mom.
13. Being homeschooled from 1st grade until graduation where I got to attend college during my junior year so I could graduate early
14. Finding my engagement ring on the Christmas tree and getting engaged on Christmas Eve
15. Planning the most beautiful wedding…for myself
16. Getting married on the hottest day EVER
17. Waking up at 3:00 in the morning to take a pregnancy test and then sitting patiently waiting for it to tell me I was pregnant.
18. Having that feeling of disappointment when I wasn’t and the feeling of joy, excitement, apprehension, and scared all mixed into one when I was.
19. Taking the kids to Disneyworld and just watching their faces
20. Moving to Delaware and buying our first house
21. Going to the beach in the summer and having chicken strips and French fries with the kiddos
22. Watching my son ride his bike for the first time
23. Watching my daughter change her outfits a million times in less than an hour so she can dance like a ballerina
24. All the kid firsts….first smile, first laugh, first step, first tooth, first word, first day of 25. Kindergarten (that was tough), etc.
25. Cooking dinner inside and listening to my children laugh together as they play outside
26. Smelling the fresh cut grass and somebody’s charcoal grill preparing a summer bbq
27. Waking up next to hubby and laying my head on his shoulder in the spot that created just for me
28. Hearing my kids say “I love you mommy” complete with a hug and kiss
29. Cooking hotdogs and making smores in our fireplace on cold winter evenings
30. A surf fishing beach day where we fish, swim, boogy board, read books, and grill some hot dogs. These are the best days!!!
31. Having a houseful of visitors in the summer. It is like summer vacation when they come.
32. Going to Teen Night at Beachmont Christian Camp every Tuesday. I had a blast playing volleyball, meeting other teenagers, and praising the Lord.
33. Getting books from the library and shutting myself in my room to read them all within a day and then begging to go back for more
34. Meeting hubby at the ice skating rink, thinking he was a funny guy and then finding out that he had a Jeep to boot!!!
35. Working with my husband at a boating store. It was so nice to work with him and then go home with him too. I know it could be overkill for some, but for us it was perfect.
36. Developing some awesome friendships with a group of the most beautiful women and being able to just be myself with them
37. Going to New York to see Broadway shows, have a spa day, and shop, shop, shop.
38. Going to Key West with Dave and then traveling back upstate following a little beach road.
39. Re-doing our kitchen and bathroom downstairs and putting on an addition to our house.
40. Taking a road trip with hubby and Dylan and just letting our noses lead. We ended up going to the Outer Banks, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Savanna, GA – it was probably one of my favorite vacations ever.
41. Going to Dylan’s first soccer game and thinking “yes, I am finally a real soccer mom”
42. Visiting my grandma Garnet in Michigan and knowing that as soon as I got there I could open the fridge and there would be a big gallon of chocolate milk waiting for me.
43. Sleeping with my Grandma Garnet and listening to her tell me the story of the 3 little pigs and Goldilocks and the bears in her own version.
44. Going to my Grandpa and Grandma Lightfoot’s house and having all the aunts, uncles, and cousins come over to have KFC.
45. Having my grandparents come visit us in Maryland and having softball games in the back yard.
46. Having two girlfriends that have known me for more than half of my life and still love me
47. Attending only a few (thankfully) funerals of those I have known and loved and saying goodbye
48. Attending the many weddings and wishing the couples well
49. Seeing some of my friends babies being born and watching them grow up too
50. And all the millions of other things that I have experienced that have helped make me the person that I am today, but won’t fit in my 50 list!!!

* These are just the 50 random thoughts that popped into my head first and are in no order of importance…just a very few of the many memories that I will treasure forever.

The Next 30 Years
50 things I hope to do before I die

1. Take my kids camping
2. Build hubby and my dream house
3. Have a swimming pool in my back yard
4. Create relationships with my children that will allow them to feel safe coming to me about absolutely everything
5. Watch my children grow up and become happy adults
6. Watch my children begin families of their own and spoil my grandchildren rotten
7. See Hawaii
8. See Australia
10. Teach in a college for a preservice teacher program
11. Shop a lot more!
12. Wear a size 6!!
13. Run some type of race
14. Maybe a doctorates???
15. Go on a cruise
16. Start a business with hubby
17. Learn about web design
18. Pass the teacher National Boards
19. Touch a child’s life so when they graduate they will say remember Mrs. Tuttle…
20. Grow in my relationship with God
21. Teach my children more about our awesome God and see them accept Him into their lives
22. Laugh often
23. Create many happy memories with my friends
24. Snorkel over a reef
25. Swim with dolphin
26. Read a lot of good books (more than just my romance)
27. Discover the secrets to LOST
28. Get out of debt
29. Become a better cook
30. Plant a beautiful flower garden
31. Ride a jet ski
32. Become a volunteer for some organization
33. Get a body massage
34. Own a house right on the beach
35. Write a book
36. Keep on bloggin’
37. Create and follow a budget
38. Invest money
39. Have a retirement plan (cause I’m going to need one to accomplish this list)
40. Forgive those who hurt me
41. Visit all the Disney parks around the world
42. Find a hairstyle that works for my curly hair
43. Make healthier food choices for myself and my family
44. Be part of a neighborhood block party
45. Ride the highest and fastest roller coaster (this will have to be ongoing as I keep up with the times)
46. Try exotic foods…escargo, caviar, etc.
47. Have fun
48. Love a lot and be loved
49. Treasure every minute that I have from now until then and take time to enjoy the small things that makes life so worth living!!!
50. LIVE!!


  1. Happy 100th post, friend!! I love reading your lists...I'll have to do that sometime, it's fun to learn something new about someone. Have a great day!!

  2. Happy 100th post! I love your list - you've got some wonderful things on there!


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