Monday, May 7, 2007

Definitely Not a Country Boy

First a little background information...lately Dylan has really been into hard boiled eggs. He begs me to make them for him and will eat them for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, whenever. I know, I know, they are not the healthiest thing to be overindulging in so I have been limiting how many I make at one time to avoid to many. Needless to say though we have been going through some eggs so over the weekend hubby had picked up some eggs and for some reason he bought brown eggs. Fast forward to today's conversation...

D - Can I eat the hardboiled egg that is in my lunch box, mommy?
M - Sure.
D - I don't think I want that one...I want a brown one!!
M - You can't eat the brown one because they aren't done.
D - What, do we have to wait until they turn white??!!

Yep, definitely not a country boy!!!


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