Thursday, April 12, 2007

I LOVE Vacations!

I can't believe it is Thursday already and we only have one day of vacation left (I never count weekends since I get them off every week)! We have been busy, busy, busy, although I feel that I have spent more time inside a car than out and about. We arrived last Friday after driving through the night. The plan was to spend the night somewhere, but after a couple cups of coffee and Diet Cokes I was going strong so I figured why not push while the kiddos were asleep. The way I saw it was that it would be more enjoyable for all involved the less time they had to spend awake in the car. So after leaving around 6pm on Thursday we arrived at my in-laws in Florida around 10:30am, and for all you worry warts, yes we did stop and at least sleep about 2 hours in a rest stop!! So we enjoyed Friday here with the grandparents and then headed over to Disney bright and early on Saturday morning. So basically, after a little break we were back in the car for another 1 1/2 hour ride. We stayed in Disney overnight and got back in the car for the ride back to the grandparent's. Spending the couple of days in Disney was awesome though...I love having kids! Then we spent Monday with Dave's parents, fishing a little, enjoying a crab feast, and just puttering around. On Tuesday, Dave and I then hopped back in the car, although this time in my father-in-laws zippy little convertible, and headed for Key West which I must make clear was another 7 hour drive! Of course after the first hour we were away I realized that I left my camera back at Dave's parents so needless to say was not a happy camper or car companion! Anyways, I will leave that for another post altogether. My mood did eventually improve as I saw the gorgeous water (I honestly thought that all those pictures with the beautiful blue water were always doctored and that water could never look like that...well I now stand corrected!!). We stayed in Key West one night (Tuesday night) and then the next morning, since it was raining, decided to start our trek back, but by ways of some windy little roads. One thing that Dave and I both enjoy is just exploring. One of our best vacations was when we hopped in the car and just started driving south not having a clue where we were going. We didn't have a destination, hotel rooms, or anything, but it was terrific. However, I now digress, so back in the car we were, heading up through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and finally coming across Boca Raton. This little area of paradise!! I have never seen such big houses, big boats, and big boobs on older women...can you say MONEY! I didn't know there were so many stinking rich people...all I can say is whatever they do for a living, I want in!! So we ended up staying last night in an ocean front Howard Johnson's on the top floor. We left the balcony doors open all night and listened to the was HEAVEN! We walked along the beach that night, had a fabulous dinner in a little Tex Mex hole in the wall (gotta love those kind of restaurants), and then walked down a long fishing pier in the dark. I loved spending some quiet, quality time with my hubby who is still, 8 years this year, my best friend! That brings us to this morning...we got up and had a yummy breakfast with an ocean view and watched a thunderstorm roll in. Since it was raining once again we decided to jump in the car and head north. So we got back here, to Dave's parents, around 12:30 and took everybody to lunch. Dave and I were very happy to see that everybody was still smiling. Then since the sun was shining we decided to head to the beach for a couple hours. Dylan was a little fish swimming and boogie boarding (pix to come later) and Zoe too as long as her big, strong Daddy was holding her. It was nice to actually have some sun here in "sunny" Florida. So now it is the end of the day and I am sitting on the screened porch listening to water flow through the canal behind my in-laws house and just thinking what a grand trip this has been. I am truly blessed to first of all have such a wonderful family to spend these vacation with and secondly to be able to afford to take vacations and explore new places. So now that I have rambled on about our doings I think I will head to bed so that I can wake up fresh, ready to tackle the world, or at least a 7 hour car ride with two little ones and one big one!! Next stop: Myrtle Beach! We decided to extend the vacation for an extra day or two so we can have a stop in the middle. Talk to you all soon!!!


  1. I'm sure you are feeling like you don't want to come back eh? i sure wouldn't!!
    Enjoy the last of your time away from the REAL world of 3rd graders!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a GREAT vacation, I'm a little jealous, sitting here in my warm pajamas after having been snowed on last week! Truly sounds like so much fun!


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