Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bragging Rights

As a mom, I automatically get bragging rights on anything my adorable cherubs do. This time I want to brag about my smartie of a son! As you all know, he entered Kindergarten this year and is having a blast learning all sorts of things. His teacher is absolutely amazing and as a teacher I am thrilled to see him enjoying school. Dylan has always been interested in books and would often, even as a toddler, pick up a book and read the pictures or make up his own story. In December I really noticed him reading isolated words more and more and he would often read the high frequency words in books that I was reading aloud to him. He became a better reader everyday and lately has been reading these Step 1 and 2 books that I found in WalMart. He has amazed me with some of the words he can read by sounding them out or using his picture clues. Well the other day he came bounding off the bus and shooting towards me, jumping up and down with excitement. He had been invited to attend reading club and is the only one in his class who gets to participate!!! In this club he gets to pick out books, bring them home and read them, and then the next day at school he uses the computer to take a comprehension quiz on the book. The books that they choose are all color coded based upon the grade level of the book. In his case, he is reading brown books which are early first grade. Well he was tickled pink and let me tell you we called all the grandparents, friends, neighbors, to share the exciting news and now here I am sharing it with you all. He has been in reading club for about 2 weeks now and so far as received 100% on four tests and 80% on another. I am soooooo proud of him!!!!

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  1. *Enthusiastic Applause*

    I'm excited for your "big boy!" I love to see my kids learn something...even if it's just one letter, or that dirt tastes bad!

    Big smiles from me!


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