Friday, December 22, 2006


Cause you are going to need some to go with all of our cookies!

We always do a huge baking weekend to send cookies to Michigan for the grandparents and aunts and uncles, along with plates for neighbors and work. By the time we are finished we a have a table full of cookies and a kitchen full of flour dust. This year the kids were really into it so along with cookies we made some great memories too!

First cookies on the list were my great grandmother's sugar cookies. Mom's job was to roll and the kids took over cutting. Of course I rolled, rolled, and rolled some more since neither Dyl or Zoe had the spacing concept as of yet so we averaged 4 or 5 cookies per roll out!! It's all good!!

Next on the list...SNICKERDOODLES! My neighbor brought us some snickerdoodles (I had never had one) and they were a hit so she encouraged me to do it with the kids. Dylan's job was to make the little dough balls and then Zoe rolled them in the sugar/cinnamon mixture. One bowl of sugar and cinnamon on the floor later, we had successfully made our first batch of snickerdoodles. Thanks, Deb!Daddy took on the decorating of the gingerbread men. The kiddo's worked hard decorating their little men. Zoe's job was adding the buttons and eyes with the little decorations and she took it very seriously. Here they are sharing some of their finished product!

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