Saturday, January 3, 2015

Back to the Basics

Way back in 2006 when I started the blog my focus was my family and sharing stories of our adventures. This blog's first title was even "Tuttle Family Adventures"! I loved writing and sharing our stories with pictures...lots of pictures!
One of the first photos I shared on this blog in 2006.

Over the years, the blog transformed (as most things do over time). I shared personal stories, my weight loss journey, anecdotes from my life as a teacher, anything that popped in my head.

But then I found my purpose start to change. As I gained readers, my focus was not on writing for me or sharing my story, but trying to write to please them. I craved their comments. As I watched other bloggers who had began at the same time gather sponsors, advertisers, receive fabulous products, and collect readers I was envious. I wanted the sponsors, advertisers, opportunities, products, and above all the readers! I began writing what I thought others wanted to hear. I said "yes" to products that I did not give a hoot about. I started posting less family stories and pictures and replacing them with memes so I could link up to get more readers, product plugs so I could get more advertisers, and lots of fluff. After a bit I found my passion for writing, for blogging, begin to fizzle. Blogging was not fun anymore...It was work...A job that I did not need.

So now that I'm giving blogging another go I only have one goal...Blog for ME!
I want to enjoy writing again and sharing my story. I want to keep creating the digital scrapbook that has been waiting TO BE CONTINUED...

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