Saturday, November 22, 2014

Teacher Report Card

At the end of the first marking period, I send home a teachers report card. Yes, it takes guts to send it home and have parents rate me and my work, but I do believe that in order to become better we must reflect on where changes need to be made. While sometimes it is easier to ignore what is staring you in the face, in order to be a life long learner we must be open to change.

I had my parents rate items a, b, c, f in areas of communication, interest in their child, classroom management, etc.  One of my goals has been to increase my parent communication by using Facebook and Twitter so I also surveyed to see which social media platforms they were using to keep up with what was happening in class.

While I received a lot of A's (comforting for this 4.0 student) I was excited to see parents leaving constructive feedback too. I learned that my grading seemed to be tough, they would like more information on some strategies I was teaching, and still more communication home.  Though the report card was anonymous, I took time to address what I thought was valid concerns. I created some videos to help parents understand what I was teaching, copied and explained rubrics I was using in more detail, and continuously try to stay on top of my communication. 

All in all, I found the teachers report card to be beneficial in helping me to be a better teacher. I had a couple colleagues question why in the world I would put something out there where people could potentially beat me up. Yes, I did need to have tough skin, but I tried to not take anything personal. There were a couple comments that I nodded and smiled and moved on, but there were others that helped me see the parents perspectives in ways I never considered.

Will I keep sending a report card home. Absolutely!

Oh and I also give send a student report card home as well for students to complete!

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