Friday, August 10, 2012

As the World Turns

There's so much to catch up on.
Where did the last two months go?

My last few posts were all about graduating and middle school and gymnastics recitals and excitement that summer was finally here.

Now summer is practically over. I go back to school in 13 days. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter then you know that I got a new teaching position over the summer.  I will be cutting my old 45 minute one way commute in half this year.  It's nerve wracking thinking about starting all over, but I am so very excited about new opportunities.  Change has always been a good thing in my eyes and I can't wait to see what's ahead this year.

Of course, with the excitement of the new position comes much worry as this will be the first year in six years that I haven't had my kids in my school or at least in the same district with me.  For six years they had ridden with me to and from school.  This year I will ride alone. For six years, I knew their teachers, the curriculum, where they were, I was in control.  This year? Not so much.  Dyl is off to middle school, which is a completely new territory, and Zoe will be attending a local school.  I know it's all going to be the best for our family, but wow is it difficult trying to wade through these uncharted waters.  Everybody is registered though and we are anxiously awaiting teacher news and can't wait for Open House. 

As for our summer? It's been jam packed with house painting and decorating, family/friends visits, beach days, pool time, boating, reading, and even a bit of relaxing, when we weren't at the pool for summer swim team or at the gym for summer training. Next week we are off for our final hoorah as we take our annual summer getaway to Hershey Park.  It's just a short vacation, but one we all look forward too. 

Then it's full steam school ahead.
I know I just have to hang in there and get through the first month.  By then everything should be flowing and all will be well.
Is it the end of September yet?

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