Friday, August 26, 2011

But, Do I Really Need a Tablet?

I have a confession to make.
I have Tablet Envy!!
Not IPad envy as I'm not an Apple person, but I've totally got Android Tablet envy.
How cool is it that you can have the internet right at your fingertips and its the size of a hard back book??
Who would have thought??

This fall I'm teaching two college courses and we've already decided that the extra income is going straight into a savings to begin collecting for a new car that we are sure to need within the next year or so.  However, we are in need of an updated computer for me to work so we will be using some of the money to buy a new one.  Dave has replaced my hard drive, screen, keyboard, and completely wiped my current laptop out over the last few years and it is just plain getting old and worn out.  Currently the cd rom is kaput, the keyboard and touchpad goes wacky, and there is 0 battery life meaning it always has to be plugged in. It is time!

At first, I was totally set to ditch the laptop and just go tablet.
I mean everybody has one.
I need one too.

But, the more I've thought about it, I'm just not sure that a tablet is really practical for what I need.
First of all, I do a lot of work with word, excel, and other microsoft programs.  I can't do that on a tablet since they are not Microsoft.

Secondly, I have it in my mind that I will be able to surf the web wherever and whenever I want to, like my phone. But I know this isn't the case unless I want to pay for one of those wi-fi cards which we do not have the money for.  So really I would only be able to use it in places with free wi-fi. And truly since I have my Smartphone I really don't need something to just surf the web because I can do that from my phone already. Although it would be nice to have a bigger screen and perhaps detachable keyboard to help with typing, it's not really necessary. I can get by with my phone.

So honestly I'm not sure a tablet would be very functional for what I need.
But, it sure would be fun!
and cute!!

Do you have a tablet?
What do you find yourself using it for the most?
Oh and if you have an Android Tablet can I ask which one? I'm not totally discounting the idea and would still like to know what's out there.
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