Monday, July 18, 2011

No Helicopter Mom Here

If you ask anybody who has seen Dave and I parenting in person they would all tell you that we are most definitely NOT helicopter parents.You may have even gotten a hint of my parenting style from the letter I wrote to the annoying beach mom.

We are all about setting our children free so we can completely ignore them they can grow their own wings, and experience all life has to offer including the natural consequences they will undoubtedly encounter when they make a wrong choice.

Life can be difficult, it can be unfair, people can be mean, and sometimes you are going to fall on your face. It's what you do when its difficult, unfair, mean, and you fall that is critical.

I refuse to put my children in a little box and shelter them so that they cannot function in this world. My hope is to arm my children with the tools that they need to survive.  The tools to help them face the difficult times, help them turn an unfair situation into a win for them, deal with the mean people through ignoring or killing them with kindness.  My goal is to teach my children that when life knocks you down, then you get up, brush off, and keep moving forward. 

I don't have to hover and smother in order to show them that I care.  Instead I'll be right there on the sidelines watching them live life, cheering when they're up, crying with them when they're down, ready with a hug and armed with an ice cream cone{cause seriously, doesn't ice cream make everything better?}.
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