Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Going to Summer Camp. See Me Blog.

I never was a summer camper.  I spent my summers hanging out with friends, reading, playing tennis, swimming, and camping with my family.  I always wondered though if I missed out on something by never attending camp.  But now I don't have to wonder any longer because Calliope has designed a summer camp that I can't wait to attend.

I'm going to Blog Summer Camp for the month of July.  If you want to see what I'll be doing {and sharing with all of you} then you can check out my schedule. Or check out camp and come with me!

Today's schedule is all about blogging about the place where I blog.
First of all, blogging is my hobby.  I do it for me. I do it for fun.  So you won't find me blogging in an office with a cushy, chair on wheels.  Nope.  Chances are if you came to visit, you would find me blogging from here...

Comfy couch. Computer perched. Coffee cup {I'm usually a morning blogger especially in the summer}, cameras and ipod nearby.

Well looky here.
See me blog.

Yes, for a hobby I sure do take my blogging seriously.
At least according to that face.

So now you can surely rest easier knowing where I'm blogging from.

Where do you blog from?
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