Friday, June 3, 2011

Weed Is Bad, Weeds AreToo

One of the best parts of teaching is the conversations I get to have with my students. 

I'm still chuckling about this one:

For my birthday one of my students gave me the cutest little metal figurine of a bluebird playing a saxophone.  It really is adorable.  I sat it on my desk and said how I couldn't wait to take it home and put it in my garden.  Now my students are aware of my black thumb as they have watched many poinsettias, teacher appreciation plants, and flowers die on my desk this year, so they seemed a little surprised when I said I had a flower garden.

Then I had to explain that it wasn't really a flower garden, but more of a weed garden.
{Yeah, you can see where this is going can't you??}

While most of my class chuckled, one little boy looked at me completely appalled. He said, "Mrs. Tuttle, weed is bad.  The police is going to take you to jail if they know you have weed in your garden.  You shouldn't have weed in your garden Mrs. Tuttle."

I quickly corrected him that I was not talking about the bad weed, but was talking about the weeds that were choking what little flowers I had in my garden. 

He did calm down. I think he believed me.  I just hope that my weed garden was not a topic of conversation at his dinner table.

Yes, weed is bad, but the weeds in my flower garden could possibly be even worse.  Trust me!
But, that bluebird sure will look cute in my weed garden.
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