Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Annual March for the Angels

For the past two year Shannan and I along with our kiddos have particpated in our local March of Dimes walk.  We teamed up to walk in honor of Maddie, Moses, James and Jake, Thalon, and all the other angels who are playing in heaven. This year I have another reason to walk.  His name is Rory. I'm so excited to say I've been able to hold him and snuggle him and inhale that wonderful baby smell. Nothing beats a happy ending.

I am so blessed to have had {and still have} very healthy kids. Dylan and Zoe have walked with me each year and every year as we walk together I say a prayer of thanks that my two children can march right along next to me.  As we walk up to the registration desk it is amazing how quiet they become as they look at the pictures of the children lining the path.  The first year, they asked who the children were and I explained that those were children who were born with health problems and that many of them had died.  We had also discussed the reason we were there walking, to raise money to help March of Dimes who then could help other babies and their families.  Now they walk proudly knowing that they are helping others which makes this momma a very proud momma! 

This year the march continues.  Dylan, Zoe, and I will be lacing up our sneakers again to march for babies this Saturday {May 21}. Unfortunately the date has snuck up on me so we don't have a whole lot of time to meet our goal, but I'm hoping all my readers, facebook fans, and twitter pals will help us out. If each of you, my wonderful online friends, donate $1 then we'll have no problem reaching our goal and then some.

So I'm asking, begging, and pleading...please, please consider donating to the March of Dimes and supporting the kids and I as we walk for babies. Every big and little contribution counts.

We, along with all the families and babies you will be helping, very much appreciate any and all donations! THANK YOU!!

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