Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As I lay here in bed listening to the thunder boom, watching the lightening flash, and listening to the rain pour down, I think it's the perfect setting for how I'm feeling I'm drowning!

It seems like things keep raining down on me and I'm just trying to tread water in hopes of staying on the surface.

Honestly, there isn't anything too serious happening and thankfully everybody is in good health, well unless you count my tooth that is getting a root canal tomorrow {which I'm trying not to think about that cause you know how I feel about the darn dentist}, it's just things...stuff...meetings...responsibilities.  Yuck.

I know sooner or later though it will stop raining.
The water will begin recede.
I will be able to stop treading.
But until then, if you happen to have any extra energy or maybe even a good pair of flippers, send it my way, please!
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