Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Christmas Tree Story

Our Christmas tree is finally trimmed.
It looks mighty festive, if I do say so myself.
Isn't it pretty??

We love pulling out the ornaments and reminiscing when we got the ornament and why.  It's fun to recall all the memories.  I like the fact that our tree doesn't have any packaged decorations, but rather ornaments that tell stories.

It was quite the adventure though getting our tree this year. 
We had planned to go cut it down on Saturday, but I woke up with quite the migraine so my morning was spent being lazy, which normally would be great except I really was hoping to get the decorating going.  We did finally get out of the house in the afternoon and after a coffee house stop made it to the tree farm.

At 4:03.
when it closed at 4:00.

So back home we went making promises of early morning tree cutting to some very unhappy kiddos.  We made it the next day though.

We actually came home with the first tree we looked at, which is unheard of.  Although, of course, we found it and then had to walk the rest of the tree farm just to make sure it was the right one.  After watching it be cut down

we headed back for some hot cocoa next to the blazing fire because baby, it was COLD outside.

One of our favorite things about Landis is that they take your picture with the tree and then the following year when you go back you can find your picture from the previous year.  It's fun to see watch the kids grow every year!  Of course, I always ask the lady to take the picture with my camera too cause patience is not my thing.  Did I mention it was cold?

It was fun taking the Traverse on our tree adventure.  We usually take my Tahoe and it was definitely easier for the men to get the tree on top and the roof rack made it simple to tie down.

Doesn't the green tree look beautiful on top of the jewel red Traverse?

We got the tree in the house on Sunday, but it took a couple days for the decorating.  But, I'm happy to say the Christmas tree is now completely decorated and standing proud in the center of our great room.  
Bring on Christmas!

Do you do a live tree or artificial?  If it's live, do you cut down your Christmas tree? I'd love to hear your tree stories!

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