Thursday, November 25, 2010

In All Things Give Thanks

If you are following me on Twitter or on Facebook then you may have already heard my flooding story from yesterday.  If you somehow missed out on the fun though, I'll give you a quick recap.  

Yesterday morning, as Zoe and I were snuggled on the couch watching some tv and enjoying our school free day, I heard water dripping.  After doing a quick scan I didn't see anything so I got up to investigate.  When I got over to my kitchen I saw water trickling out of my light switch and telephone plug.  When I looked up I saw water spots on my ceiling and immediately knew that water was running in the upstairs bathroom.  As I flew up the stairs I immediately noticed water in the hallway and when I got to the bathroom I froze. There was about an inch of standing water and it was still pouring out of the overflowing toilet.  After my second of just staring in astonishment of what was happening, I came to my senses and waded through the water to turn off the valve behind the toilet.  Once the water stopped I then panicked, calling my husband who was at work and then my parents to please come help.

After a couple hours of steam cleaning and many wet towels we finally got the area somewhat dry.  However, did you catch the part of it being a second floor bathroom and water dripping in my kitchen below?  The water was already seeping through the floors and ceiling and running down the walls.  

We decided that it would be best to make an insurance claim because the damage could really add up.  Since this was my first time handling anything like this though I was a bit frazzled talking to everybody.  I was even more stressed when the ServPro people told me that if they came out, they would immediately start tearing everything out...carpet, flooring, wallboard...and did I mention this was in my kitchen, and we are hosting Thanksgiving?????  

So in the end they are actually coming tomorrow so hubby can work with them.  The good news though is that we only have a $250 deductible and while we really don't have that $250 at least that is all it is cause the repairs look they are going to cost much more!

Which brings me to my title "In All Things Give Thanks".
While even in this awful situation, I can still find reasons to give thanks.

I'm thankful...
  • Nobody was hurt in the flooding.
  • We have a house to flood! 
  • We have running water to cause the flooding.
  • We have 3 bathrooms.
  • We have house insurance to help cover the damage.
  • My parents and inlaws all live close by and both came running to the rescue. 
  • Friends IRL, on Twitter, and on Facebook have offered suggestions, help, and encouragement during such a stressful time.
Of course there is everything else to be thankful for as well...
  • I have a healthy and happy family who enjoy spending time together.
  • Hubby and I both have relatively secure jobs.
  • Our refrigerator is stuffed with Thanksgiving fixins.
  • Thanksgiving will be spent with family we do not get to spend much time with.
  • I am surrounded by awesome friends!
  • Tomorrow is Black Friday and I get to go out into all the fun!!!!
Of course my thankful list could go on and on and on and on. But, I'll stop with one more:
I'm thankful for you, especially if you have read this whole post!!!

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