Monday, August 9, 2010

She Came, She Conquered, She Rides

Look what Zoe can do!!

We have been riding bikes a lot this summer, especially after we got our new Schwinn bikes and I got that uber-comfy seat.  We have ridden to parks, the beach, the library, and all around town.  Zoe, though, was still sporting the training wheels the whole time and it made for pretty slow riding.  The boys would often ride ahead while we girls caught up in time.  

We thought perhaps getting rid of the training wheels may speed her up some so the other night we talked her into letting us take them off.  Within minutes she was up and riding.  Gotta credit her dance and gymnastics with the awesome balance.  Turning made her nervous and we had a few crashes trying to master it, but before the evening was through she was riding up and down our street, turning successfully.  

The next day we tackled starting off.  Zoe had it in her head that she couldn't get going  by herself and needed us to give her a push.  Hubby, being the convincing man that he is, somehow got her to give it a try and within a few minutes she was off all by herself.  Now we can't keep her off her bike!!

So far she has ridden up and down our street and to the park down the road. Our next test is a ride to grandpa and grandmas house about a mile away and then off to the beach we will ride.  We are all looking forward to many more family bike rides.

It was amazing how easy learning to ride on two wheels was for Zoe, at least once she had the confidence.  If you are struggling with teaching your little one how to conquer the two wheels, Schwinn has this excellent video with tips to get your child riding into the sunset on two wheels in no time.  

Oh and don't forget to print out a Certificate of Biking to present to your kiddo once they master their two wheels.  Zoe was thrilled when we gave her the certificate.  She was so proud of herself and Dave and I were pretty proud too!

One more milestone passed.

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