Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow

Today was gonna be the day.  
The day I sat down and wrote some blog posts. 

I have a notebook full of ideas, pictures to include, stories to tell.  I could probably make you smile or laugh, nothing to cry about though.  

But, then I stepped outside.
I smelled fresh cut lawn, heard the birds singing, felt the cool breeze blow on my skin and all my good blogging intentions flew out the window.

So now I'm packing the picnic basket.  The kids and I are hopping on our bikes and going off to explore.  We'll have a picnic, maybe play a game of mini-golf, perhaps take a walk on the beach.  Wherever our bikes take us, we will go.  

It's a gorgeous day outside and we can't let it go to waste, not even for blogging!

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