Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Mama Kat is a favorite of mine and every week she hosts Writer's Workshop where she gives you some prompts, you choose one to write about, and then link up to share.  She has some terrific prompts and I frequently say how I'm going to participate this week, but then I never quite get there.  I even have some in my drafts that never made it to the blog {I'm not giving up on them though hopefully they will be making a published appearance soon}.

This week though I'm doing it.
I chose my prompt, wrote the draft, and I'm hitting publish.

The prompt I chose:
10 Things That Put a Smile on My Face When I'm Not Happy
{yes, I chose the list one...anybody can publish a list, right?} 

  1. My kids hugs!  Both of them show affection often and will surprise me with hugs, kisses, and cuddles.
  2. A motorcycle ride with my husband.  There is something so freeing riding on the back of a bike with your hair blowing in the wind.
  3. Sharing conversations over a delicious dinner with friends.
  4. A big vase full of flowers in bright colors!
  5. Chocolate. Duh! 
  6. A day at the beach, listening to the waves crash and watching the dolphins swim by.
  7. An evening bike ride to the boardwalk to enjoy ice cream with the family.
  8. Shopping.  For shoes or purses, not clothes because clothes shopping stresses me out, but shoes and purses ALWAYS fit!
  9. Watching or listening to my kids playing peacefully together.
  10. Being surrounded with people who I love and who I know love me! 
Your turn.
What makes you smile??

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