Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Monday - Bullet Time

In case you missed it, I'm on vacation.  
In Florida.  
Where the sun is shining and the weather is perfect.  
Hence my lack in posting!  
One may even think with all this relaxing and vacationing that I would have time to post, but not happening.

Instead of posting, I've been busy doing other things like...
  • Spending a day on the boat with the family, watching pelicans fly, horseshoe crabs float, fish swim, manatees dive, dolphins jump.  I also listened to my kids squeal as they played in the spray of the water coming off the boat.
  • Watching my son turn into a fisherman and listened to him tell his fish stories.
  • Seeing the same son bravely launch the kayak into a canal by himself and paddle up and down.
  • Enjoying watching hubby and Zoe do the same!
  • Finding a lagoon by the ocean and waded throughout it with the family, thrilled that I could see my painted toes the whole time.
  • Holding my breath as Dylan and Zoe body surfed on the pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Tasting ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and laughing at the chocolate mustache that was left on my daughters face.
  • Sitting by the side of the pool and listening to my children make up swimming games to entertain themselves while they played peacefully together.
  • Watching in awe as the shuttle launched into space over the Atlantic Ocean as I sat on the sandy beach.
  • Sampling my first quiche.  {I know!!  It was heavenly}

There has been so much more, but the family is calling. 
Time for homemade pizza night...

{I have tons of pictures to share, but now just isn't the time.  They'll be coming soon!}

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