Monday, April 19, 2010

In Our House...

When I visited Gifts From the Heart the other day I was touched by Alli's post on how Everybody's Different.  The great thing about the blogosphere is, just as Alli says, that we are all different.  When you take time to read a variety of blogs you become exposed to different lifestyles, beliefs, religions, politics, parenting styles...the list can go on and on.  While I read many blogs whose author's lives and beliefs are very similiar to mine, I really enjoy reading those whose are so different. They are the ones that often challenge my thinking and allow me to see something in new a light.  I like that!

After reading Alli's post {you really must read it for yourself} and reading those of the links she shared {yes, you must follow her links too} I was inspired to share with you some of the things you may see if you were to come visit me.

In our house...
you will find two working parents,
one child in a public school and another at full time daycare.
Our days are occupied, but nights normally free to do as we please.
The kids choose 2 extracurricular activities so they have time to just be 
       kids too.
On the weekends you may find us in our pj's at noon,
or my daughter only wearing her underwear {we are working on that one}.
During the summer we rarely wear shoes,
but instead walk barefoot outside enjoying the grass under our toes.
We sometimes eat ice cream and candy before dinner,
and leave the dishes in the sink to be taken care of later, 
or {gasp} even the next morning.
You may find tents built in the dining room,
trip over toys strewn throughout the house,
or see the kids running through the house as they pretend they are flying,
or being superheros,
or just caught up in a game of tag.
When the kids get hungry for a snack they know where the pantry and fridge 
        are and help themselves to what they want.
During dinner they have a "no thank you bite" but the rest is up to 
If they're hungry they will eat, if not, they won't.
You will probably find the tv on, but nobody really watching as they are 
        plugged in to their laptops, DS, or other electronic devices.
At 9pm the tv may still be on as the kids are snuggled in mommy and  
        daddy's bed watching a quiet show before heading to their own beds.
There will be dust on the wood, dog hair on the floor, and messy rooms.
Oh and when something fun is happening, we'll be there, adjusting schedules 
        and bedtimes so we don't miss out on a family adventure.  

In our house,
there are rules,
but some more bendable than others.
We all use our manners,
and everybody is respected.
You will see hugs and kisses shared freqently,
along with hearing "I love you" quite often.

In our house

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