Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is Anybody Thankful for Thanksgiving?

I realize that beginning to celebrate Christmas when we are just going back to school is nothing new to retail stores. They want to make all the money they can off the holiday, but I've been surprised to see the amount of houses decorated for Christmas already. Seriously?? Trees in the windows? Reindeers in the yard? Candles in the windows?

Where did all the pumpkins, guards, squash, go?
The scarecrows?
The bales of hay?

Why don't we celebrate the bright colors that God has splashed before our eyes?

Dylan asked me the other day why people don't care about Thanksgiving?

I didn't really know what to say.
Some thoughts were...
  • People don't remember that if it wasn't for the actions leading up to the first Thanksgiving we wouldn't have the life we do, here in the "New World"?
  • We live in such a selfish society that is all about getting things and Thanksgiving doesn't come with anything (no tricks or treats, no boxes of chocolates and flowers, no colored eggs, no promises of a new year)?
  • Turkey is over-rated?
Why do you think that Thanksgiving is so under-rated??


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this too! Granted, we've had some nice days here when it comes to the weather, so I can understand people taking advantage of that time and getting the decorations out while its warm and not freezing. But already turning them on? And I've noticed Xmas trees up too. WTH. I don't get it. It aggravates me!

  2. I really like Thanksgiving. I love the fall and the relaxation that Thanksgiving offers as we are thankful for what really matters. But this year I do know that I am ready for 2009 to come to a close so that we can regroup as a nation and as communities for 2010. :)

  3. I love Thanksgiving and hate that consumerism pushes it to the back burner!

  4. I asked my husband the same thing when we were out the other night. Two houses side by side...one with thier halloween lights and decorations still up and the other with christmas decorations! Where is your camera when you need it. I totally agree with you about the selfishness issue! Me personally...I am still nursing my mums and trying to hold on to the beautiful colors. ;0)

  5. I have to agree that it is so sad how Thanksgiving is so overlooked...just a day for football.

    We'll be going over to my brother's home this year, but I hope to impress on my daughter all the blessings that we have and our hope for the new year.

  6. Thanksgiving is a much favored holiday at my house than Christmas or New Year's are.

  7. With our family, the Christmas season begins with the tree lighting ceremony in Rehoboth Beach, the Friday AFTER Thanksgiving. I like that we have a definitive starting point that is after the Thanksgiving holiday because it's like we don't even think about Christmas until then! I have to admit, I love Christmas and I'm feeling the pressure to get going with decorating, etc. because I see them everywhere else!

  8. Great post, Mel. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (maybe it has to do with the fact that my twins were born on Thanksgiving, following 6 years of infertility hell).

    But the holiday itself has been eroded, which is such a shame. Kind of like we don't have time for it anymore, in our rush to the next big thing and more, more, more.

  9. I've noticed it too this year! I came home last night and noticed one neighbor had a small chistmas tree in lights hanging in the window and looked across the street to see another with a snowman wreath on the door. I know it's gotten nippy...but a snowman??? The only thing I can think for the people who are putting trees up is that they have loved ones in the military about to deploy. I once had a neighbor who had a sad looking needleless tree in her living room, waiting for her husband to return from overseas. Love, Aunt Steph

  10. I think you hit the nail on the head with bullet number 2! Thanksgiving doesnt come with "anything". Although i am so thankful for the holidays as it means i spend time with family. I have always loved Thanksgiving even though i am not much of a turkey eater.

    However i have noticed over the years Christmas keeps getting earlier and earlier. It seems that a week before Halloween Chirstmas starts popping up. Trees are displayed in stores and commercials turn to bright lights and Santa to bring in costomers. I wish we did recognize Thanksgiving a little more.

    I will start putting up my decorations next week after Thanksgiving dinner which has always been the tradition in my life.


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