Sunday, November 8, 2009

Avoiding the Red Pen

Becoming a teacher was always a goal of mine.

I knew that I wanted to have some type of career, but I also knew that I wanted children too so being a teacher always seemed to be the perfect compromise. Of course my love of learning and kids made teaching even more enticing, not to mention the summer vacation! Then there was the bossy side of me too who couldn't wait to have the attention of my minions, I know could I really have been that naive??

Growing up, there was all the practicing I did of grading papers. Red marks here, red marks there, red marks everywhere. I loved correcting my little brothers papers or just correcting make up work. I couldn't wait to be a real teacher when I could grade real papers and assign real grades.

Skip a few years to today.

I have a huge bag sitting next to me overflowing with papers that need to be corrected! YUCK. I think that grading may just be my least favorite part of being a teacher. I have become a master at avoiding grading too, which makes it even worse because my bag is just getting more and more stuffed. Meanwhile, here I am still avoiding by writing this post!

Nothing like a little procrastination!
Oh and for the record I NEVER use a red pen.


  1. LOL! Yup, grading stinks...even for homeschoolers.

    good luck with getting that all done.

    PS. I spoke to my stepdad today...he had to grade papers today too. (he's an english teacher in FL)

  2. I can not imagine how aggravting it must get one paper after the other and probably a lot of the same mistakes. Hope you can get it all done with sanity intact!

  3. I agree.. grading is the worst part of it all. and it always seems to to pile up. and I try not to use red too! I'm a fan of Green personally :)

  4. LOL. I actually liked grading. I'm crazy. But I too never used a red pen. ;-)


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