Friday, October 16, 2009

Ode to My Broken Computer

A contributing factor of my being MIA recently is that my computer bit the dust. It had been giving me grief for quite awhile and finally it gave me the dreaded blue screen that warned me that the hard drive was about to be erased, then a bright green screen, and that was all it wrote. Thankfully hubby doesn't think anything is lost, but that I need a new motherboard which means once we can afford to get a new one of those all should be well again.

Hubby has been nice enough to share his laptop, but it just isn't the same, especially when he likes to use it and Dyl uses it too. I do sneak in some time now again, but I hesitate to download any of my applications, you know like TWEETDECK (oh how I miss my groups and automatic Facebook/Twitter updates) because his is pretty ancient itself and already runs pretty slow.

Isn't it funny how reliable we become on our electronics? I think I was so depressed about not having my computer that I ended up ignoring all things personal that I use it for like twitter, facebook, and of course blogging. It was almost as if I was saying, if I can't use my computer, I'm not playing at all. Sad, I know!

Anyways, I decided enough was enough. I'm hoping the extra hours I'm putting in at work will cover a laptop fix sometime soon, but until then I'm trying to get over myself and learn to share one laptop with three people in the house. Even got three posts up last week and a few in progress for this week. The ball is slowly starting to roll again!


  1. My computer was fried for a month and it was a rough month!

    Fortunately, we have an old dinosaur of a desktop I could use in its absence... but it just wasn't the same!

    Here's to hoping you get your computer fixed very soon!

  2. Ah the woes of sharing a computer. sigh! I remember those days.

    But now we have a second computer and while we mostly use the desktop, if I'm on the computer dd turns on the laptop.

  3. I have one computer in our house and it unfortunatly is not a laptop. also unfortunatly this one is about to bite the dust as well so it looks like some of my income tax will be going to a new computer hopefully a laptop!

  4. I enjoy your blog so much... I'm glad that you are back. I hope you get your new laptop... you NEED it!

    I got mine this last winter and I love it. Can't imagine life without it and either can my kids... now the "home" pc is pretty much for them.


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