Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Time To Lock Her In Her Room

Tuesdays are daddy and Zoe days since Dave is off and keeps Zoe with him instead of sending her to daycare. They always seem to find something fun to do on these days and this past week their adventures took them to an arcade on the boardwalk.

The most excitement seemed to come when she was playing skee ball. Evidently the game was giving tickets when you would win and some friendly people gave Zoe their tickets so she could get a prize. As soon as I got home she showed me her prizes and told me all about everybody giving her tickets. This is our conversation:

Me - "Wow, those are some cool prizes. You are so lucky that those nice people gave you their tickets."
Z - "I know. They must have thought I was beautiful."
Me - (thinking - vain much?) "I'm sure they thought you looked like a nice little girl who would enjoy getting a prize."
Z - "Well it was boys who gave them to me so I think they must have really liked my dress."

Well then. Guess we better invest in that lock on the door a bit sooner than we had intended!


  1. OMG i just about spit my coffe on the keyboard! She is too cute but yea i would be looking into that lock as well!

  2. LOL! Yup sounds like you need that lock!

    I think they just thought that she would enjoy the prizes more than they need them.

    I know when dd goes to arcades I try to encourage her to get the candy cuz the toys are just more junk around here. ugh!


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