Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Fun Times

It's been a crazy, crazy week around here.

First of all, can I just say that my computer is NOT being my friend! I only had my Dell for about 6 months before it started acting screwy on me and it's gotten worse since then. I'll spare you all the details about the arguments over warranty agreements, but let's just say we will not be buying a Dell or a laptop from Best Buy EVER.AGAIN! It boils down to I now need a whole new motherboard, which we do not have the money to buy right now not to mention I'm not sure I want to buy, considering a whole new computer would only cost about $200 more, if that. However, we are going to have to figure out something because I can only use my computer when it wants to play nice. Sorry for venting, I know it's not your problem, but if I go MIA at least now you will know why!

Moving on.
This week we have been going, going, going as my dad and brother were visiting from Saturday to Tuesday, then my mom joined them here from Tuesday till today, and our friends from Baltimore are renting a house right down the road for the week. Our friends have two kids so my kids have been having a blast hanging out with them. Needless to say it has been endless fun happening for the past four days.

It started with Dave and I spending a wonderful weekend in St. Michael's. Looking back I think I needed to enjoy that quiet, peaceful time a little bit more considering how busy we have been since then.
Monday my dad, brother, myself, and the kids went to a waterpark for the day. We all enjoyed riding the slides, racing in the pool, and floating in the lazy river. I have to admit I also enjoyed the fact that two other adults were there to watch the kids so I could take some time to relax in the sun.

Then on Tuesday, Dave took my dad and the guys from Baltimore out fishing. The women and kids headed to Lewes Beach where the waves are small, the bottom sandy, and the water shallow enough for everybody to enjoy.

Wednesday, we did another beach day, but this time spent it at Bethany enjoying the ocean waves. They actually were a decent size and Dylan had a blast boogey boarding with his friend. Having Grandpa and Grandma spend a day at the beach with us is always nice too.

That brings us to today. My parents left this morning, heading down to NC to hang out with my brother and his family for a few days so that left the house feeling pretty quiet. I had a baby shower this afternoon to attend so our friends allowed my kiddos to hang out with them which was awesome because I didn't have to pay a sitter. When I got home all the kids then came over to our house to hang out. I love having a house full of kids, listening to them play and laugh, but will say that the quiet in my house later was nice too!
So now dinner is done, the table cleared, and the four of us are enjoying just vegging out on the couch watching some Food Network. I'm thinking it's gonna be an early bedtime. For all of us!


  1. Looks like a fun fun week! I wish i lived closer to the beach. We have not been able to make it to the water park all year as the weather has been horrible. We have only had one 90 degree day and that was back in April. Luckily it is suppose to warm up over the weekend so maybe we will get some swim time in!

  2. It looks like you had a busy but very fun week. I am sorry you are having such trouble with your computer. Hopefully it will decide to play nice more often.

  3. That waterpark looks like a blast! I bet you all had a lot of fun!


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