Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kid Conversations

Dylan - "Lollipop, lollipop, lolli, lolli lollipop" (singing this at the top of his lungs) Me - "You do NOT have to sing that loud. It's okay to sing, but turn down the volume."
Dylan - "Sorry, mom, sometimes I just get so overwhelmed."


I served what I thought was a delicious dinner the other night. I made the mistake of asking Dyl his opinion.

Me - "So what did you think about it? I thought it was delicious"
Dylan - "It was edible, but not certainly not delicious"


Dylan started a blog awhile back which he titled "A Boy's Adventure". Last night at the dinner table he told me he wanted to rename his blog.

Dylan - "Mom, I want to change my blog's name."
Me - "What do you have in mind?"
Dylan - "I was thinking, 'A Lazy Boy's Adventure'"

At least he knows he is!


  1. Both my kid shave started singing the Lolli Pop song because of this darn commercial on TV but it is the cutest thing ever!

    I love how kids are so honest even if it isn't complimenting to them. Makes me wonder why they feel the need to lie only when they know they are in trouble lol.

  2. yea i have learned never to ask abraham how dinner was cause he is brutally honest! Love that Dyl wants to change his blog title -- very smart boy!

  3. I've learned how to figure out what she thinks of dinner by her actions. If she eats a bite or two and says she's full...she hated it and will eat a sandwich later! If she eats about half it was good...if she eats it all and looks for more then she loved it.

    ask and you never get a good answer even if she loved it.


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