Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things Are Changing Around Here

The 4th of July came and went. For some reason I always look at that holiday as being the halfway point through summer. It's hard to believe that I only have a little more than a month left before heading back to school and the bad part is that I feel like my time off so far has been wasted.

It seems I've been enjoying my laptop just a bit too much this summer vacation. My day begins innocently enough as I enjoy my coffee, waiting for Zoe to wake up (Dyl is like his dad and up at the crack of dawn), reading some of my favorite blogs, clearing my inbox, and twittering a bit or a lot depending on who is chatting. However, I am starting to find that this morning routine runs clear into the afternoon. Then I do the dishes, pick up the house, take a shower so hubby doesn't know how lazy I am, and begin to get dinner ready. We always eat dinner as the family and at times do something together, but more often then not our evenings are then spent with me on the laptop, hubby watching tv, the kids doing pretty much the same. So the days go!

If you know me in real life you would probably agree, well at least I hope so, that I'm not what you would consider a lazy person. I'm queen of multi-tasking and usually have way more on my plate than any normal person could "eat". What I've discovered though is that I am entirely more productive with my overflowing plate of things to do than when I have nothing looming in front of me. What can I say, I'm a routine person. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely plenty I could do, but I just don't have the motivation and I'm thinking because there isn't any structure to my day right now.

I even feel that I'm depriving the kids of the enjoyment of their summer vacation as we just sit around the house and I don't even try to find ways to entertain them. Money is extremely tight right now and the cause of much stress for me so I have been in a bit of a funk as every time I would think of something to do with the kids it involved money that I didn't have. This in turn put me in a deeper funk and I would waste another day sitting on the couch in my own little world.

But, I've decided that enough is enough. I don't want to go back to school next month regretting how we spent the summer vacation. I want to enjoy the days I have with the kids watching them run, laugh, play. To be honest, I'm not a very good playmate, but I want to become one.

So starting today our summer vacation is about to change. We are going to enjoy our days off together. We will spend lazy days at the beach, run through the sprinkler, play soccer and kickball outside, take bike rides, visit parks, and enjoy each other.

Because isn't that what life is really all about anyways...just spending time with the ones you love?


  1. I feel like my "morning routine" runs all through the day, too. But I'm not well organized and trying to orchestrate my own chores and kid chores does me in. But, like you, I would like to get more out of my summer days ... I don't have a plan, though. The morning chores that drag on all day still need to get done, and I still am not sure how to cut out all the dawdling we all do ...

  2. sounds like a really good plan! My "morning routine" runs a lot like yours too. I find that if I just start off with a shower that things change enough to get me out of that funk.

  3. I am only in my second full week of summer. I have set the alarm almost every M-F morning. I have to set the alarm or I will sleep way too late. This however has not kept me from being lazy & stuck on the computer or in a book for hours and hours. Not very exciting for the kid but she tends to ditch me to run around the neighborhood. Riding bikes around is great to do with your kids. They will love it!

    We are planning some days with little trips (Cowtown flea Market, Zoo, beach, etc) but other days we are just chilling and seeing what happens. My hubs is still out of work and UI only stretches so far so I get the financial tightness.

    You will have a summer full of memories. Your kids will enjoy every bit of your days. Good memories! Better still if you don't stress the money so much!

    keep the peace,


  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!!!!! It sounds like you and I are living parallel lives right now, and I was so afraid I was the only one this was happening to!! Throw in chores that the kids are simply not getting done in the mornings, and we aren't having a ton of fun outside of swim meets and a camp here and there. Love your plan, and I will join you in creating one of my own and implementing it!!

  5. I think you are so right! I keep telling myself that money is no excuse to bore my kids but it seems like it costs to do everything fun.

    My husband pointed out to me thought that my idea of a relaxing summer break and my kids idea of a relaxing summer break are 2 different things lol. I would be so happy to sit in a nice AC house all day and read blogs and tweet, but kids want out in the heat and i guess we have to compromise lol.


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