Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I Learned This Week

For many weeks now Jo-Lynne has been hosting a carnival.

Each week I tell myself, "I should write something for this week" and every week the day goes by and I don't. Since I was up early this morning though, I figured why not. So here are just a few of the many things I learned this week.

  • Don't sign up for a 5K if you haven't ran in over three weeks. You will feel like you are going to die!
  • When you feel like you are going to die running a 5K that you haven't trained for keep telling yourself that you are not a quitter. You can do it and you will!! You will place 155 out of 194, but hey at least you finished.
  • Farmer's Markets are a fun way to spend a couple hours and you will never find better tasting fruits and veggies. Or ice cream!
  • If you are not feeling well, then this is pretty much a guarantee that the kids will wake up cranky, whiny, and fighting. Happy day.
  • When you bring a new pup home be prepared to not get any sleep that night.
  • A queen size bed is not big enough for two full grown adults and one new pup!
  • Four people make entirely too much dirty laundry and dishes.
  • Summer Vacation ROCKS!!
  • Although it's very easy to procrastinate when you tell yourself that you have the whole summer to get it done.


  1. That's true about the dog & the bed. We eventually had to crate train ours because we could not handle him sleeping in our bed. It's amazing how much space a tiny dog can take up!

  2. Well a queen size bed is not big enough for two grown adults and a three year old who likes to take his half out of the middle ;)

    Enjoyed your lessons.

  3. A queen size bed is not big enough for two grown adults when one of them snores so loudly you think you are on a flight path. We all have issues ;0)

  4. How can one expect a dog to not get on the couch when he is allowed on the bed?

    and yes whenever I am not feeling good it seems that the kid, the husband and the DOG are all out to make my life worse!

  5. With you on the Farmers Markets and Summer Vacations - have not gone down the puppy road (yet!) (probably not ever!)

  6. Running is just bad. Really. You just shouldn't do it. Stop getting crazy ideas like that!

  7. Great things to learn! It is SO true that when you feel less than spectacular is the exact time when the wee ones will be on their worst behavior!

  8. *Sigh* I've finally had to put my pup in his own bed on weeknights...never mind a Queen bed, a DOUBLE is not big enough for two people and a dog! Haha!

  9. Great list! I signed up for a 5k in September and I am excited to accomplish the tiny milestone, but I am nervous too! Any tips?!

  10. I dont think i could agree more with all those things. Especially that 4 people make too much dishes and laundry lol!


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