Monday, June 15, 2009

Went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo to See What We Could See, See, See

Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head. I can't even remember where it's from. Barney perhaps?

The other day we took the kiddos to a small local zoo. It's a great place to visit because it's small enough to do within an hour or so, but has some decent animals like bears, wolves, monkeys, a jaguar, buffalo, beavers, alligators, and more. The kids always enjoy going there and since it is a free makes a great afternoon excursion.

Loungin' Jaguar

Beavers are you in there?

I was mesmerized with this peacock.
I don't think I had ever seen one with the tail completely opened like this.

Right outside the entrance there is also a pretty big play area complete with wooden castle so that provides additional entertainment for the kids. Swinging seemed to be the hit this visit with Dylan, Zoe, and my niece, Sophia.

Sophia making music


  1. I love the zoo! Our local zoo is doing some rennovations, so it's not opened yet. But next month we are going to the Indianapolis Zoo and I think I'm just as excited as my son! haha!

  2. I just adore the zoo but we dont have one close to us. looks like loads of fun!

  3. I love going to the zoo! Ours has a very large flock of peacocks and the last time we went there were like 7 or so males all trying to get the attention of 1 female...BLOCKING the enterance to a bathroom!!! Everyone was standing there watching the boys make fools of themselves and I was like "LET ME AT THE BATHROOM!!!" LOL! Our zoo also seems to have a rather large collection of Fierce Wild Rabbits. :D I love bunny season.

  4. Ooh, I love that peacock!


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