Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

I feel like a broken record when I write my Weigh In posts. It seems like it's been months of me saying the same old thing. Poor choices, over ate, no points left, then comes the weigh in. One week I'm up and then the next right back down to the infamous number of 142! Sooo frustrating. I get so tired of my scale not moving. Of course that leads me right back into the circle of overeating, poor choices, and wasting my points away. Or worse yet, I may see a change and then treat myself with (I know close your ears) FOOD. I thought I had broken that habit, but with the summer like weather last week I found myself eating a few to many scoops of ice cream.

I'm stuck and it just seems like I can't get out of this cycle.

Okay enough whining.
Have I ever told you how much I CANNOT stand whining?

Saturday was the end of the 16 week Biggest Loser Blog Edition that I've been participating in. Over the last 16 weeks I have lost 8.5lb. Obviously for all my whining of staying at 142 lately, I lost some weight somewhere in the past 4 months!! I'm hoping that Angie and Lynn will kick off another edition of the BLBE so I can lose the next 8.

As far as my week.
I didn't do too bad last week and was down .5lb at my Saturday weigh in. I haven't peeked since then because this weekend I know I didn't do too well. My parents came to visit over the weekend and I always seem to snack more when other people are around. Not to mention we made sushi Saturday night, which would have been fine had I not decided to make Tempura shrimp and onions for the kids. The kids. Yeah, that was my excuse. I'm not even going to go there with how many pieces I consumed. Oh and I also made a Key Lime Pie for dessert. Now I have to give myself some credit for making a low fat Pie, but if you eat four pieces the low fat begins to lose its meaning.

But because I can't be all negative here are some positive choices/changes I've made the past few days:
  • Bought a Brita container so there is always ice cold water in the fridge.
  • Ate a salad for dinner tonight because I only had four points left.
  • Since I ate the salad I stayed within my points for today.
  • I ran a half K even after spending 40 minutes getting ready.
  • Went grocery shopping and stocked up on lots of fruits and vegetables. Now I have healthy snack/lunch choices!!
  • Made a delicious chicken salad with roasted chicken, grapes, celery, and fat free mayonnaise. Only 2pt per serving and absolutely delicious.

Maybe that is how I will end my Weigh In Posts from now on. On a positive note, setting myself up for a successful week ahead!


  1. you sound like me - the circle is endless - i don't lose weight so i get a cheeseburger and fries to make me feel better so i don't lose weight.

    we can break the cycle - i know we can! also 142 is small (congrats to get there!) so you shouldn't beat yourself up too badly. you're probably not too far from your goal.

  2. Oh no! Treating yourself with food is bad! I know it's hard because we all want to think of food as a treat, but try treating yourself with something else like new music or a new pair of shoes or something! That may help!

  3. I'm having a hard time too. I intended to only have healthy stuff in the house and not consume anything bad...oh and exercise too. Well it seems that when I'm not feeling so great that ice cream just calls to me. sigh!

    I intended to move the pepsi in the frig out to the is still in the frig though. I should go do that.

  4. I feel your pain sister... and I love the "kids" excuse. That was what I said to myself as I bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream... for Abraham... not to mention it was only $2 on sale!
    And this week is teacher appreciation week, which as you know means LOADS of food, both good and bad... mostly good this week.
    I haven't been diligent about working out but I'm still hoping for SOMETHING of a loss on Friday.

    PS. Did you know that if you take your clothes off when you weigh in you can lose a good .5lbs?? I had to take my jeans off last week at weigh in in order to have a loss.. sad really!

  5. first I LOVE that when you stopped and looked and thought you DID have a bunch of positives!
    (and I always think: whine away :) it's your blog!!)

    lemmie know if I can help at all?
    for me it is the time for summer treats but if it isnt TREAT TIME (in my week) I go for the kids sized.

    trite tip but works!


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