Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walking For The Angels

**Update - My walk is this Saturday and I would really like to be able to meet my goal. Please consider sponsoring me as I walk in hope that "one day... all babies will be born healthy." Any little bit will help and be much appreciated!!

As a mom, one of my biggest fears is something happening to my children. I am very blessed that both Dylan and Zoe were born full-term and healthy as can be. They have remained this way throughout their childhood so far and other than routine well-check appointments we seldom have to visit our pediatrician.

However, I know for some other families this is not the case.

My dear old (in years we've known each other, not age, of course!!) friend had twins prematurely in 2005, but sadly only took Abraham home. Her angel Moses, instead went to live with his Father in Heaven.

Last year, Beth was pregnant one minute and the next discovered that she lost her twins, James and Jake. I imagine that they are now making many people laugh as they cause michief up there.

On April 7th, only a few weeks ago, Heather lost her precious princess, Maddie, who was born prematurely. Maddie put up one heck of a fight and did it with a smile that would melt your heart. She is now, I'm sure, very busy melting the hearts of all of our loved ones who have passed.

Then there was Thalon, who went to run with the angels on April 12th. His death was quite unexpected and was ruled as a case of SIDS.

Each of these baby angels leave behind devastated families who frantically try to pick up the pieces and answer the question, "Why?" Of course only God has that answer! During these times I never seem to have the right words. I'm one of those who anxiously laugh, giggle, or make jokes at the most inopportune times because I just don't know how to react to such sadness.

But, this time I know something that I can do!

I will be walking in my local March of Dimes om May 16th in honor of Moses, Maddie, Thalon, and the many other baby angels in heaven, as part of TeamMaddieDelaware.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would sponsor me as I walk for them all. You can check out my March of Dimes Personal Page to learn more about my walk and donate to the cause.

Believe me, I understand that we are all watching every cent we spend now-a-days, but consider this money very well spent. If we all contribute even a little of what we have we can make a great difference in a child and his/her family's life.

Thank you in advance for your support!!


  1. Our walk was so beautiful! I hope that yours will feel the same.

  2. thank you for honoring my sweet Moses with your walk!


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