Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The First of Many Science Projects

Dylan experienced his first, of at least 11 more, science fairs last week!

The science project was completely left up to him and daddy. I declined any participation. I know, mean of me, but when I have 19 students to make sure are completing projects, have all the materials they need, and understand the scientific process the last thing I want to do is come home and do another one. Hence, why science fair projects are now and forever will be daddy's domain.

So after days of Internet searching and discussions of what to do, the decision was finally made and here is the finished product...

Not too shabby for the first science fair project, huh?
This teacher gives it an A!

Do your children participate in science fairs?
What was your favorite project they completed?
Or do you have any funny science fair stories to share?
Leave me a comment and let's talk science!


  1. that is awesome!! Love the project - what a great plan and awesome pictures!!! Next year we are doing something with plants!!

  2. Not yet for us...I am NOT looking forward to it.

  3. Not doing anything like that yet. We don't really have science fairs in South Africa. That does not mean that we don't do projects!! Not looking forward to it!!!

  4. My kids are both HUGE science geeks. HUGE. My highschool kid just did one on ph levels in water on bean sprouts. The remnants still live on my kitchen windowsill!

  5. science projects have never really been my thing but my older kids had to do them in middle school- it was required in their science classes. it appears though in highschool it's not required anymore. makes me happy!

    the last one my daughter did was about crystals and she made rock candy - that was a fun one :)

  6. Good job! My son will do something similar next year. He is already telling me he wants to do something with motors and/or magnets. Fun!

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